Taimen is a fish belonging to the salmon family whose popularity as a game fish is rapidly growing. You can rely on our experienced & specialized services we have been providing for the last decade, for your next taimen trip. We have all the professional equipments and local guides experienced in fishing in Mongolia. Taimen sure will be your biggest prize, but you can as well as enjoy catching from great numbers of Lenok, Trout and Graylings.


Day 1 – Arrive in UB, city tour.
Day 2  Fly to Muren and drive to Hatgal camp.
Day 3 – Drive to Hogiin Gol overnight in tent.
Day 4 – Fishing at the Khar-us river.
Day 5 – Fishing at the river shishged .
Day 6 – Fishing at the Hogorogo valley.
Day 7 – Fishing at the Tengis river.
Day 8 – Fishing at the Tengis river.
Day 9 – Fishing at the Sharga river.
Day 10 – Fishing at the Sharga river.
Day 11 – Fishing at the Jargalant river.
Day 12 – Back to the camp.
Day 13 – Stay at the camp and relax. enjoy the Lake Khovsgol.
Day 14 – Drive to Muren Fly back UB.
Day 15 – Departure.


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    Accommodation & Food

    2 nights in a hotel, 2 nights at the tourist camp, 11 nights in a tent. Food included (restaurants, camp, expeditions and daily supply of drinking water).

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    Domestic flights, as well as urban and local transportation.


1 – 2 people : $3600 per person
3 – 5 people : $3500 per person
6 – 8 people : $3150 per person

Please note that the tour does NOT include: International transportation, visas, travel & health insurance, beverages and personal expenses.

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